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UNSW researcher Jon Eugene von Kowallis publishes piece promoting dialogue on Chinese literary studies.

The Confucius Institute at UNSW Australia is delighted to celebrate the online publication by Dr Jon Eugene von Kowallis, Convenor of Chinese Studies at UNSW Australia.

Dr Kowallis, researcher of Chinese literature, in particular the works of Lu Xun, has been described as “leading the world” in research on Lu Xun’s works, and his research may indeed be the turning point that draws in a tide of academic interest on both Lu Xun and Chinese literature.

His review essay is titled “Modern ‘Archaics’: a New Look at the Poets of the ‘Old Schools’ and their Successors” and has been published in the US journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture. In the essay he reviews the recently published book Modern Archaics: Continuity and Innovation in the Chinese Lyric Tradition, 1900-1937 by Shengqing WU (2013, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Asia Centre Press).

Dr Kowallis writes that Wu’s book ‘is the type of study that, in past generations, might take a learned scholar an entire career to publish’, and uses his review essay to engage her discussion with his own ongoing research on classical-style poetry written during the late-Qing and Republican eras.

His essay summarises the key points of Wu’s book while critiquing and offering his own insights to the literature that is discussed – a must read for students and researchers of Chinese literature and Chinese culture in general.

To read Dr Kowallis’s essay “Modern ‘Archaics’: a New Look at the Poets of the ‘Old Schools’ and their Successors”, please click here.

For information about Dr Kowallis’s other recent essay in the ‘Trends’ section of the American *Journal of Asian Studies,* please click here.

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