Traditional Chinese Music Seminar

Professional musicians, Hou Changqing and Cao Yang, deliver an in-depth seminar on the art of traditional folk instruments.

On August 18, the Confucius Institute at UNSW held a music seminar on Chinese folk music, delivered by two professional musicians from the China Broadcasting National Orchestra, Hou Changqing and Cao Yang. Both musicians boast a lustrous career, having trained at prestigious conservatories and toured in all parts of the world. 

Hou Changqing elucidated the history and development of the Chinese bamboo flute (zhudi), and with great skill showed how different melodies can emulate animals and sounds in nature. Cao Yang demonstrated pipa playing techniques specific to the left hand and right hand, and discussed various regional styles.

To conclude the seminar, Hou and Cao performed a bamboo flute and pipa duet entitled “Spring River Moonlight”. Their nuanced performance delighted the audience of music enthusiasts, lecturers and students from the UNSW Department of Music. Many audience members engaged in the lively Q&A session that followed.



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