Shanghai Study Tour 2017

A group of 18 UNSW students travel to Shanghai to learn Mandarin and experience Chinese culture.

On June 27, 18 students from UNSW departed Sydney to embark on a two-week Study Tour in Shanghai. Sharing a common interest in Chinese language and culture, the students undertook intensive classes at the prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Taught by the university teachers Anna and Lalita, everyone in the class dramatically improved their langugage proficiency and showed greater confidence in their speaking skills.

On the first day, SJTU students held a Round Table Meeting for students from UNSW, UCLA and SJTU to interact with one another and share a little about their campus life. It was fun for the students to meet like-minded people from around the world, with the three universities ending the day with a friendly soccer match.


SJTU, UNSW & UCLA Round Table Meeting


Over the two weeks, students attended lectures on China’s Economic Development and Chinese History, and took various culture classes, such as Tai Chi, Calligraphy and Chinese Tea Culture. Learning from experts in each field, students enjoyed gaining an in-depth understanding of China’s rich culture and history. The Study Tour also involved two company visits to Union Pay and SAIC Volkswagen, giving students a first-hand look at entrepreneurship in China.


Company visit to Union Pay


During the weekend, students went on a guided tour featuring many highlights of Shanghai, including Yuyuan Gardens, the China Art Museum and Jin Mao Tower. There was also a day trip to Suzhou, famous for its gardens, canals and silk factories.

In the trip debrief, many in the group emphasised the great friendships they formed on the Study Tour. While many students were sad the trip was coming to an end, several expressed their deepened passion for studying Mandarin and new-found appreciation of Chinese culture.


Learning Tai Chi with a master
Calligraphy class
Exploring the traditional gardens in Suzhou

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