UNSW Student Wins Chinese Bridge

One of UNSW’s very own students, Caleb Rostedt, has taken home first prize at the 13th Chinese Bridge Competition.

UNSW student, Caleb Rostedt, has won first prize at the 13th Chinese Bridge Competition. This annual nationally televised event hosted in China, sees university students from all around the globe competing to best one another in Chinese language proficiency, cultural knowledge and performance. The following is an account by Rostedt of his remarkable achievement:

“My recent experience in China participating in the 13th Chinese Bridge competition was life-changing, breath-taking, mind-blowing, blood-pumping and entirely surreal. With 125 other students from 94 countries, I competed in various aspects of Chinese speech, knowledge, and performance. After making it into the top 30, and then progressively upward through the ranks, I travelled to Xi’an, Yuanjiacun, Jingdezhen, Anhua, and finally back to Changsha to perform in the finale. I was amazed and inspired. I climbed the Great Wall. I performed my own Chinese songs on Chinese television and finished writing new ones. I even ate a live scorpion! I was stretched and pushed and came out a stronger, bolder, more confident self. My wife was even able to fly over towards the end to support me in the competition and share this dream come true with me. From this experience, we know that our life’s journey will inevitably take us back in the near future.”

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