Kung-Fu Master in Sydney

Confucius Institute at UNSW Australia Invited Wudang Kung-fu Master to Lecture at Sydney Schools

In celebration of the Global Confucius Institute’s 10th Anniversary, Confucius Institute at UNSW Australia invited Wudang Kung-fu Master Jack Jiang to come to Sydney for three weeks in September 2014 and provide lectures and demonstrations about the unique martial art of Wudang Kung-fu.

Master Jack’s proficiency in English enables him to conduct his classes in either English or Chinese with ease. Under the accompaniment of Head Teacher Lu Jia from Confucius Institute at UNSW Australia, Master Jack lectured and demonstrated his art at four Confucius Classrooms, Chinese Schools and almost ten primary and high schools.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Master Jack also demonstrated the essence of Chinese martial arts for Consul General Li Huaxin and various Australian government officials.

In his last week Jack provided lectures and demonstrations at UNSW Australia about ‘Baduanjin’ or ‘The Eight Brocades’, attracting not only UNSW students and teachers, but also members of the wider community. Within the three weeks, Master Jack demonstrated for or taught over 2300 people.

Master Jack’s visit was an extremely successful attempt by Confucius Institute at UNSW Australia to spread knowledge about China, showing that all kinds of schools and people have interest in Chinese culture. When the language barrier is removed, cultural knowledge can easily be dispersed to all people, and this is an initiative strongly supported by University Confucius Institutes.

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