Hubei Minister visits the Confucius Institute

Publicity Minister of the Hubei Provincial Committee, Liang Weinian, and his delegation visit the Confucius Institute

On May 25 2016, Publicity Minister of Hubei Provincial Committee, Liang Weinian, made an official visit to the UNSW Confucius Institute. Minister Liang and his delegation were warmly welcomed by Confucius Institute Director Laurie Pearcey and Chinese Director Associate Professor Emma Junfang Xi.

During his visit, Minister Liang viewed the Confucius Institute’s gallery of achievements and learnt of the institute’s most recent accomplishments. After welcoming the Minister, Professor Xi gave an overview of the institute’s history and its many initiatives which have helped to promote Chinese language and culture in Sydney.

Director Laurie Pearcey then spoke about the long history of close cooperation between UNSW and Hubei Province. Pearcey expressed that through this visit, he hoped to establish stronger linkages between the Confucius Institute and Hubei through corporate, educational and cultural collaboration.

Minister Liang thanked the Confucius Institute for its hospitality and acknowledged the great efforts and contributions made by the institute in spreading Chinese language and culture. He emphasised the growth of Australia and China’s special relationship, and talked of future collaboration between the Jingxin Academy in Hubei and UNSW.


Presentation of gifts from the Jingxin Academy in Hubei

The visit ended with Minister Liang speaking about the rich history and cultural heritage of Hubei, highlighting the wealth of historical relics that had been unearthed in the province such as the bianzhong bells famously discovered in the ancient tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, and renowned monuments such as the Yellow Crane Tower and Wudan Mountain Taoist shrines.

With UNSW’s demonstrated use of 3D augmented-reality to create interactive exhibits showcasing Chinese culture, both Minister Liang and the Confucius Institute expressed their excitement about making use of UNSW’s advanced technology to bring Hubei’s rich cultural heritage to Australia in the future.


Group photograph commemorating Minister Liang's visit to the Confucius Institute

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