Erhu Music Appreciation

Xing Liyuan, skilled Erhu performer and teacher from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, performs for UNSW Department of Music staff and students.

On March 30, Erhu performer and teacher from the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Xing Liyuan, was invited by the Confucius Institute at UNSW to hold an intimate Erhu music appreciation for staff and students of the Department of Music at UNSW.

Two-time winner of the renowned “Tian Hua Cup” (the National Erhu Solo Competition), Xing has been playing the traditional Chinese instrument since she was six. She graduated with a Masters degree from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and has given countless solo recitals at home and abroad.

Xing captivated the room with live performances interspersed between her explanations illuminating the Erhu’s rich history and distinctive playing styles. Her skilled renditions of traditional works from different regions and across different styles showcased the unique charms of each, as well as the overall versatility of the instrument.


The Q&A session saw great audience engagement and interest in Xing’s expertise with regards to traditional Chinese music and Erhu theory, as well as the current state of music education in China. The challenge of making traditional forms of music more appealing to younger generations also emerged as a topic of discussion.


Following the music appreciation, a brief roundtable discussion was held with UNSW Department of Music staff and Xing Liyuan to discuss the possibility of establishing a second Folk Music Discipline at UNSW in collaboration with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. All parties expressed their support for the proposed new major and hope for continued exchanges to promote the synthesis of Chinese folk music and western styles of music.


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