Enterprise Innovation: From Ideas to Launch

Entrepreneurs from the Young Leaders to China Program share with students their experiences regarding creating their own business.

On the 14th of August, the Confucius Institute at UNSW Sydney hosted an event for current UNSW students to meet UNSW Alumni with their own start-up companies. The young entreprenuers: Alexander James Scriven, Ewaldo Moritz Neto, Katherine Alicja Ewa Kawecki and Seiya Paul Takeda, were all participants on the 2018 Young Leaders to China program. They shared their advice and knowledge about creating a new product/business and also shared their experiences in China, where they got to visit both start-up hubs and big companies. 

The event aimed to get students to learn more about the entrepreneurial landscape, and gain a better understanding of the Chinese business culture and the Confucius Institute. By bringing in speakers that are highly involved in this, the Confucius Institute also aimed to inspire students to be innovative and push their own ideas into practice. Additionally, this event highlighted the healthy environment for market growth, innovation and entrepreneurship in China. Through programs such as the Young Leaders to China Tour and also through events such as this one, the Confucius Institute hopes that many students are inspired by these experiences and will look to immerse themselves within the entrepreneurial world and enterprise innovation