O-Week 2016

The Confucius Institute participates in UNSW’s start of semester orientation event, O-Week.

Over the 3-day event the staff, volunteers and ambassadors of the Confucius Institute worked together in order to promote the language and cultural activities offered this year at CI for new and returning students by demonstrating a variety of Chinese cultural activities, including: Chinese calligraphy and the opportunity to try Chinese traditional clothing or a giant panda costume for a photo. There was Chinese knot tying and other arts and crafts. Over the 3 days, the Confucius Institute was successful in recruiting more than 300 new students, among them students commencing Chinese studies in their first year of university and those with a strong interest in Chinese culture including some who have lived in China in previous years. The common aspect for all, however, is to increase their familiarity and understanding of China to potentially become a “Cultural Ambassador” in the future.

UNSW O-Week is the largest annual event held on the campus,  it is also the biggest orientation event hosted by any Australian university.  It is held for the duration of the week prior to commencing formal studies in order to provide students, especially those in their first year, an understanding of the university environment and student life.  During this week there are more than 25 000 people visiting the university, they have the opportunity to participate in the variety of activities on offer, joining the various established communities and clubs and take part in campus tours as well as receiving various gifts and promotional materials from the university and its societies. In addition to the various clubs and societies the university hosts, several small to medium local enterprises are in attendance so that each student has the opportunity to find extracurricular activities that appeal to them.

This event is the culmination of 3 months design and planning by the team at the Confucius Institute, this, along with the recruitment and preparatory work done by the ambassadors, has achieved unprecedented publicity to help promote the image of the Confucius Institute at UNSW.

CI Ambassador demonstrating Chinese calligraphy

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