A new wave of Sinology

The Confucius Institute was proud to welcome guests to a special launch commemorating a landmark publication by renowned UNSW Sinologist Associate Professor Dr Jon Eugene von Kowallis.

Associate Professor von Kowallis was a guest editor of a special edition of major international peer-reviewed journal Frontiers of Literary Studies in China focused on the Chinese literary giant Lu Xun and major early 20th century revolutionary, philosopher and textual critic Zhang Taiyan.

The scholarship generated in this issue stems from the conference on Rethinking China, Confucianism and the World from the late Qing Dynasty, which was sponsored by the Confucius Institute at UNSW Australia and funded by Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Being one of the first conferences focusing on Chinese Studies to be sponsored by a Confucius Institute, it represented an important milestone in the development of the global Confucius Institute movement as a 21st century scholarly community for stimulating rigorous academic debate on Sinology.

Other contributors to this issue include:

  • Professor Tu Weiming (Harvard/Peking)
  • Professor John Makeham (Australian National University)
  • Professor Mabel Lee (University of Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Eileen J. Cheng (Pomona College)
  • Dr Gregory N. Evon (UNSW Australia)
  • Dr Ari Larissa Heinrich (UNSW Australia/San Diego/University of Sydney)
  • Dr Wang Ping (UNSW Australia)
  • Dr Olga Medvedeva (Russian Academy of Sciences)

The launch event was attended by a range of academics and PhD students, with special guests including: 

  • Ms Fiona Docherty, Pro-Vice-Chancellor International (UNSW Australia)
  • Associate Professor Dr Jon Eugene von Kowallis (UNSW Australia) 
  • Associate Professor Dr Emma Junfang Xi (UNSW Australia) 
  • Dr James Lee (UNSW Australia) 
  • Dr Zheng Yi (UNSW Australia) 
  • Dr Gregory N. Evon (UNSW Australia) 
  • Professor Mabel Lee (University of Sydney) 
  • Professor Bonnie McDougall (University of Sydney) 
  • Dr Anders Hansson (University of Sydney) 

The Confucius Institute at UNSW Australia hopes this will serve as another catalyst to generate further world-class research collaboration focused on Chinese Studies. 

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