Chinese Teaching Seminar at UNSW

Chinese language professors and teachers come together to share their insight and expertise.

On March 3, the Confucius Institute at UNSW held a Teaching Seminar for Chinese language educators to interact and share their insight and expertise in teaching and learning. Attending the forum were UNSW professors, Chinese school principals, teachers from UNSW’s Institute of Languages, Chinese community schools, and NSW primary and secondary schools, as well as volunteer teachers from the Confucius Institute at UNSW.

The proceedings began with welcoming remarks made by A/Prof Junfang Xi, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at UNSW, followed by the keynote lecture delivered by Dr Yong Zhong, Senior Lecturer (Chinese) at UNSW. Other speakers at the seminar included Xuefeng Zhang, Principal of Datong Chinese School, and volunteer teachers, Vera Wang and Qiongzhen Wang. Topics covered in the talks ranged from classroom management and teaching strategies, to changing learning environments and organisation structure. Those who attended the seminar said they enjoyed having the opportunity to share ideas and engage in fruitful discussion about Chinese teaching and learning.


Dr Yong Zhong, Senior Lecturer (Chinese) at UNSW
A/Prof Junfang Xi, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at UNSW

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