Chinese Music Gala Night

Special Gala Performance with Shanghai Jiao Tong University Orchestra and UNSW student performers.

The nationally renowned Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Orchestra gave a magnificent performance at UNSW Australia’s Science Theatre. The gala night also featured several other acts, including the SJTU Dance Troupe, SJTU Chinese Folk Music Ensemble, UNSW Chinese Musician Society, and individual performances by UNSW students.

The theme of the night was cultural exchange through music, exemplified by the SJTU Orchestra who have extensively travelled around the world and through their performances, have spread knowledge about China’s culture, traditions and diversity. What made the evening even more special were the performances by UNSW students Lucy Jakubowski Laxon, who gave a splendid rendition of “Jasmine Flower” (original Chinese: 茉莉花), and Caleb and Page Rostedt, who performed a Chinese song they wrote themselves, “You Are My Only” (in Chinese: 唯一). Both these performances are stellar examples that show Chinese culture is becoming increasingly understood by the current generation of young Australians.

Two associates from the Confucius Institute at UNSW hosted the gala in both English and Chinese, with the institute being instrumental in establishing the event. The support of student volunteers from the Confucius Institute at UNSW and the UNSW Chinese Musician Society was also essential to the event being a success.

With more than 600 people in the audience present to enjoy two hours of song, music and dance, the gala was truly a wonderful night that allowed viewers to gain a better understanding of Chinese culture, creating a stage for cultural exchange to further mutual friendship between Australia and China.



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