Chinese Corner Debut

The first Chinese Corner of 2015 semester 2 was held yesterday in Morven Brown building, room 212.

On Tuesday 11 August 2015, the first Chinese Corner of 2015 semester 2 was held in Morven Brown building, room 212.

After spreading the word of Confucius Institute and Chinese Corner during the first few weeks of semester, the turn out of the debut Chinese Corner of the semester was a stunning 25 people. The topic of the week was simply a self-introduction and discussion on how everyone’s winter holidays were. The more all of the participants got to know each other, the more relaxed yet energetic the room became, until by the end of the Corner the room was full of laughter from each participant.

Confucius Institute provided a variety of snacks and refreshments for all the Corner-goers, and will continue to provide Chinese snacks in the following weeks for those wanting an authentic taste of China. 

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