Bayside Council's 2017 Spring Fair

The Confucius Institute at UNSW shares the delights of Chinese culture with locals attending the Spring Fair.

On September 16, the Confucius Institute at UNSW had a stall at the 2017 Spring Fair at L’Estrange Park, an annual event organised by Bayside Council celebrating diversity in the local community.

At the stall, Confucius Institute staff and ambassadors showcased the different charms of Chinese culture to local residents. Both adults and children enjoyed the lyrical melodies of the Chinese zither, tried their hand at Chinese calligraphy, and put on traditional costumes.

One member of the public, a guitarist himself, remarked on the musical beauty of the Chinese zither. He said “Although different cultures have different instruments and methods of playing them, they can all express the same melody. It is incredible how the world can communicate through the common language of music.”

The appearance of the Confucius Institute mascot, Pan Pan the Panda excited many children at the fair. He was a popular hit and took many photos throughout the day.


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