2014 Study Tours to Shanghai and Xi’an Completed

Our 2014 Study Tours to Shanghai and Xi’an gave students a taste of China they won’t soon forget

On the morning of July 6 2014, a total of almost 40 UNSW and Confucius Institute students embarked on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Business Study Tour and the Xi’an Jiao Tong University (XJTU) Cultural Study Tour.   

The 19 students heading to Shanghai were composed of students from various faculties, including Law, Business and Arts and Social Sciences. They participated in SJTU’s carefully arranged Chinese language and Chinese Business Program, and also had the opportunity to interview juggernaut companies such as Huawei and Volkswagen.

A/Prof. Xi Junfang, Chinese Director at the Confucius Institute and teaching guide of the tour, set up two lectures on the Chinese Business Environment for the students. Students also engaged in an event called “My University Life”, which allowed UNSW and SJTU students to participate in talks, setting up a solid foundation for further communication between the two universities.

Meanwhile, the study tour heading for XJTU focused on culture rather than business, with students studying China’s vast history and culture in-depth.  During their classes, they learnt about the local geography and customs of Shaanxi province, which students were able to put into use as they explored the fascinating city Xi-an, it’s capital. This allowed students to engage in practical learning and also to quickly become familiar with Xi’an and its ancient culture.

The students of XJTU also organised various activities, giving the students from both universities the opportunity to participate in activities like “My University Life” and the “China-Australia Table Tennis Competition”. Several of the UNSW students also participated in XJTU student society events, such as music concerts.

The UNSW Confucius Institute’s Head Teacher and teaching guide for the tour, Lu Jia, was also instrumental in organising an interactive Chinese teaching academic event for other Chinese teachers, sharing her varied and enriching teaching experience.

The experience of living on a Chinese campus for nearly two weeks gave Australian students the chance to experience first-hand what Chinese universities are like. Many students expressed their desire to come back to China to continue studying Chinese or to complete a degree there. After the 2013 study tours, there have already been four students who have applied for exchange or scholarship programs, returning to China to continue their life-changing Chinese study experience.

For a video about the tours, please click here.





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